How Many Saturdays in a Year? 2023

How Many Saturdays in a Year?

The answer of this simple question isn’t always as simple as you may think.

There are 52 weeks in a complete year. But, that doesn’t mean there are 52 Saturdays every year.

Let’s find out how!

If the first days of the year is Saturday, there will be 53 Saturdays in that particular year.

Also, If the year is a leap year and Saturday falls within the first 2 days, it will end up with 53 Saturdays.

How many Saturdays in 2023?

There are  52 Saturdays in this year.

Because, the first day of this year is Saturday but this year is not a leap year.

List of Saturdays in 2023

1st7th January2023
2nd14th January2023
3rd21st January2023
4th28th January2023
5th4th February 2023
6th11th February 2023
7th18th February 2023
8th25th February 2023
9th4th March 2023
10th11th March 2023
11th18th March 2023
12th25th March 2023
13th1st April2023
14th8th April2023
15th15th April2023
16th22nd April2023
17th29th April2023
18th6th May2023
19th13th May2023
20th20th May2023
21st27th May2023
22nd3th June2023
23rd10th June2023
24th17th June2023
25th24th June2023
26th1st July2023
27th8th July2023
28th15th July2023
29th22th July2023
30th29th July2023
31st5th August2023
32nd12th August2023
33rd19th August2023
34th26th August2023
35th2nd September2023
36th9th September2023
37th16th September2023
38th23th September2023
39th30th September2023
40th7th October2023
41st14th October2023
42nd21st October2023
43rd28th October2023
44th4th November2023
45th11th November2023
46th18th November2023
47th25th November2023
48th2nd December2023
49th9th December2023
50th16th December2023
51st23rd December2023
52nd30th December2023
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